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~ A Synchronicity with Ink ~

You have visions that you want to make a reality on your skin. You want someone who understands the deep meanings and emotions you want to convey; while also having precision and a keen eye for composition. You want cleanliness, and kindness, and most of all you want someone who will make YOUR vision a reality, and co-create a masterpiece you will love for years to come. 

@ INKronicity, you have found             the artists you are looking for. 

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Thank you for choosing Inkronicity Tattoo for your tattoo design and application, or for your graphic design or art project. We are very pleased to work with you to give you what you want and so much more. Please call back in about 20 minutes if you don't get an answer as we may be in the middle of a tattoo. We can't wait to work with you on your body art. 

INKronicity Guarantee

Your skin is important to us! As the only kind of art you will take with you on every single step of your journey, we know how important your tattoos are! So it is our personal mission to guarantee each tattoo that we do; so if there are any inconsistencies we will do our utmost to make sure it is 100% perfect and what you want. Touch-ups are free.


April Dawn


April Dawn has a decade of experience tattooing, and has always pushed the limits of what has been considered possible. When it comes to sacred geometry, color and cover-up tattoos, she will work with clients to achieve things they never thought possible for their own skin. She prefers to make a personal connection with her clients and work on really meaningful pieces. She loves to tattoo water-color, wildlife, fantasy, geometry, space, and she specializes in cover-ups. She also offers shamanic reiki healing, upon request. If you feel called to be inkronized by April Dawn, please be patient, she is worth the wait! 

Josh Carter


Josh Carter has been tattooing for 12 years and has a keen eye for detail and has also been reinventing the possibilities of tattooing since he started. He is known for intricate precision and vivid color work, and he can handle any style brought to him. He loves to tattoo space, portraits, realism, comic book style, water-color ... and many more... He also specializes in cover-ups. He is not limited to masculine styles and actually understands the flow of the body when considering feminine tattoos. Josh Carter is a master of his craft and guarantees all of his work. Call 406.598.TATT to schedule an appointment with Josh.


504 North 20th Billings Mt. 59101

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